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Paternity Testing For Legal Reasons Posted on April 10, 2014, by

You have probably heard of paternity testing, it is a test that requires the DNA of both parents, to determine if a man is the biological father of a child. Paternity testing is often mentioned on daytime shows where some unsuspecting guy finds out that he is the father, usually much to his horror.

You can find out more about paternity testing here,, which will give you much more educated idea of what the test actually entails.

Apart from a means of pulling viewers to trawdy gossip shows, paternity testing is a very useful tool we have and use frequently in legal cases. Some circumstances that may require a paternity test include the following:

Paternity TestMany times if a woman falls pregnant, a man may try to get out after paying child support by claiming the child is not his. In such cases apaternity to is very useful as it will help call decide if a man is liable to pay child support. In the event a paternity test finds the man not to be the biological father, he will not have to pay anything, whereas if he is the biological father, the court will usually decide we have to support the child for at least the first 16 years of its life – a considerable amount of money when added up over the years.

If a woman wishes her child to be adopted, the father’s thoughts are also taken into consideration. In some cases a woman may want the baby adopted where is the father is against it. A paternity test may be required to make sure the man is indeed the father before it is decided whether the baby should be adopted or not.

A paternity test can also help decide the outcome when there are battles over visitation and custody of a child. In some cases a man may not be a citizen of the country where the child is living and if he can prove he is the father through a paternity test is much more likely to be able to attain a citizenship to the country where his child lives in order to be able to visit regularly.

Why Are Business Lawyers Important? Posted on April 10, 2014, by

When you start a business, it is vital for you to hire a business lawyer since when you will be faced with legal problems – preparation is key. These are some of the things business lawyers do and why they are important. You should hire an advocate from an established law firm. They are going to have all the right resources to help you deal with any legal problems that may occur. You should not hire a business lawyer that has a lot of clients who keep them busy all the time, as they will not have time and resources to look into your needs as well.

Business & LawWhen you hire a business lawyer from a big law firm, they are going to provide you with other types of legal assistance. They are going to give you a probate litigation attorney if you have personal matters that require the assistance of a professional in this field.

The attorney is going to help you organise your business. Even if you do not have any legal issues at the moment, it is still wise to hire the lawyer to help you in setting up your business and its operations in order for it not to be prone to legal issues in the future. If your business involves a factory, you need to set it up in a manner that will not be hazardous to your workforce. In the event one of your employees gets hurt due to the fact that you did not provide them with a safe working environment, you could end up getting sued.

Before you hire a law firm, it is essential for you to find out as much as you can about the firm to see what they are going to do for you. A sign that you are dealing with a god law firm is one that has well known companies as their clients.

What Do Small Business Lawyers Do? Posted on October 22, 2013, by

Business lawyers perform a large variety of jobs, and do play an important role in many types of businesses. People that decide to sell a business to other parties, often may hire a business lawyer to handle the business side of the transaction, while people that try to begin establishing a business, may need a business lawyer for business purposes of starting the business. Business lawyers work hard to satisfy and protect the business and personal interests of their clients, being that businesses often are required to have a contract with other vendors, different employees, clients, and others. Business lawyers are great for helping with business disputes between parties in the same business, or between parties in different businesses. Lawyers are able to help clients avoid court dates, by setting up an arbitration meeting for business dispute purposes.

Small Business LawyersBusiness lawyers are the most helpful when a business is being converted to a partnership or a certain type of corporation. The lawyers are able to inform persons of their full rights and their responsibilities before and as the conversion of the business takes place. In businesses, debt situations always arise, and a lawyer may be needed in order to help with the breach of a contract, and the rising of debts. Lawyers are able to help clients with the use of a lien, when other additional collection efforts are needed within a business. Business lawyers are always known to make a business and the transactions that take place within, run smoother than if there were no business lawyer available. Many times, the smaller businesses profit the most from having a business lawyer, but larger businesses profit much from using them as well. Smaller businesses transactions and issues are easier to handle, and require less frustration for the workers involved in the transactions.